Cold trap

Cold trap is an efficient solvent rapid capture system for the condensation of solvent vapor. When the cold trap condenses steam into liquid, the reduction of gaseous substances improves the vacuum degree of the system, so as to speed up the concentration process and significantly improve the performance of the vacuum concentration system.


Products Details

◎ Fluorine free refrigeration compressor unit and environment-friendly refrigerant R134a are adopted, which has a wide temperature control range: - 50 ℃ - room temperature, and can be set during operation; With prefabricated cooling function, it can quickly cool down to the set temperature; With standby cooling function, the set temperature can be maintained in standby mode.

◎ Closed circulation is adopted to avoid

environmental pollution in the laboratory.

◎ Split design, free assembly and matching, flexible

and convenient.

Model Cold trap
Cold bin volume 4L
Collection bin capacity 200ml
Lowest temperature ~ 40℃
Refrigeration system Fluorine free refrigeration compressor unit and environmental protectionrefrigerant R404A
Cycle mode Closed cycle
Temp Accuracy ±1℃
Timer 1min-99h59min
Temp range -50℃ ~rt
Diameter of pipe φ10mm
Operating Voltage 220V±22V
Refrigeration power 500W
Dimensions(L x W x H) 700×410×420(mm)
Net weight 57kg

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