Laboratory Electro Heated Incubator series

This product is widely used in scientific research and industrial production departments such as medical and health, pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry and agricultural science for bacterial cultivation, fermentation, and other constant temperature tests.

Products Details

· Double-layer door structure: Open the box door, the inner door is made of high-quality heat-insulating toughened glass, which is convenient for observing the situation in the working room and does not affect the internal temperature. · Double temperature safety device: The temperature controller has an automatic tracking and over-temperature alarm device; once the temperature is over-temperature, the heating system will be cut off immediately, and a temperature safety device is installed in the working room to ensure the safety of the culture in the working room. · Using microcomputer intelligent temperature control instrument, P.I.D. control, with self-tuning function, LED highlight digital tube display, clear and intuitive. After setting the temperature, the meter judges the heating power required by itself and displays the heating status. There is no disadvantage of temperature overshoot, and the temperature control is accurate and stable. With automatic recovery memory function after power failure. · The inner tank is made of high-quality mirror-finished stainless steel, with rounded corners, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, acid resistance, and easy cleaning.。 · The height of the studio shelf can be adjusted arbitrarily according to user needs. Working mode: continuous or 1-9999 minutes timer function. · Independent temperature limit alarm system, immediately and automatically interrupt when the temperature exceeds the limit, to ensure the smooth progress of the experiment (Optional)。 ·The studio can be equipped with ultraviolet sterilization device or lighting (optional).
item technical parameter


Product number SPTCD2-9052 -03 SPTCD2-9082 -03 SPTCD2-9162 -03 SPTCD2-9272 -03


Volume 50L 80L 160L 270L


Heating method Electric heating wire/three-dimensional heating


Temperature control range Room temperature +5℃~65℃


Temperature resolution 0.1℃


Temperature fluctuation ±0.2℃


Temperature uniformity ±0.5℃


Number of shelves 2


Operating hours 1-9999 Minutes /continuous


Power 200W 200W 440W 440W


Power supply AC  220V 50Hz


Operation area mm 350×350×410 400×400×500 500×500×650 600×600×750


Dimensions mm 515×515×700 550×570×790 650×670×935 765×770×1035

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