Laboratory Ultrasonic Cleaner Box Series

The desktop CNC ultrasonic cleaner belongs to laboratory ultrasonic cleaner box series, it adopts the most advanced integrated circuit transistor processing circuit in the world and digital tube display. It is mainly suitable for high-precision cleaning, degassing, and mixing in universities, research institutes, laboratories, electronics industry, commerce, medical industry, etc. Applications such as homogenization, emulsification, cell elimination and cell crushing.

Products Details

· Digital display memory and set ultrasound time ·Digital display memory and set ultrasonic power · Digital display memory and set ultrasonic heating temperature and actual temperature instrument program adopts single-chip microcomputer software · Use timing work, timing work can be set arbitrarily within 1-480 minutes. Working time has heating function, temperature range: RT-80℃ (only with "P" model) ·The inner and outer shell of the instrument are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, and the frame of the instrument is made of high-quality stainless steel mesh and argon welding, which is durable and beautiful. ·The instrument is equipped with a sound reduction cover and a drain valve and clean bench for culture supplier.  
model working frequencyKHz) Ultrasonic powerW) heating powerW) Adjustable power%) Adjustable temperature%) Dimensionscm) Slot sizecm) capacityL) Timingmin) Drain valve sound reduction cover
AX2200H           40 100 --           50-100 -- 26×16×28 23×14×10 3           1-480           Equipped
AX2200HP 600 RT-80
AX3200H 100 -- -- 32×17.5×28 30×15×10 4
AX3200HP 600 RT-80
AX3300H 150 -- -- 32×17.5×34 30×15×15 6
AX3300HP 600 RT-80
AX5200H 200 -- -- 32×26.5×34 30×24×15 10
AX5200HP 600 RT-80
AX7200H 400 -- -- 35×32×32 33×30×15 15
AX7200HP 600 RT-80
AX8200H 500 -- -- 53×32×38 50×30×15 22.5
AX8200HP 1000 RT-80
AX9200H 500 -- -- 50×30×18 50×30×18 27
AX9200HP 1000 RT-80
Remark The performance parameter test under no-load conditions is: ambient temperature 20℃, ambient humidity 50%RH.

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